September 30, 2019

(Announcement from Mandala Soundworks Founder, Tanner Leggett):

I am thrilled to announce the new addition of another extremely talented member of the Mandala Soundworks family, Lucas Wray.

Lucas joins the team at a pivotal time to further assist in developing an innovative hardware piece that will improve functionality and add features to our reChord tablature capturing and song building application.

Lucas is a senior at Georgia Tech, majoring in Electrical Engineering.  He is both, a former student and research assistant, to Mandala Soundworks’ CTO, Dr. Steve Kenney.  In addition to research experience in guitar pickup technology, Lucas’ experience includes industry co-ops emphasizing electromagnetics and circuit design.

As an amateur guitarist of 10+ years and former member of the GT Jazz Ensemble,  Lucas brings not only technical expertise but a passion for and understanding of music theory.

Lucas will support the conception, design, and prototyping of novel electric guitar pickups which utilize unconventional sensing mechanisms.

We are extremely excited to have Lucas as a teammate, and look forward to sharing more progress updates on our latest hardware developments.

You can connect with Lucas on LinkedIn with the link below:

August 29, 2019

(Announcement from Mandala Soundworks Founder, Tanner Leggett):

I am thrilled to announce the new addition of another extremely talented member of the Mandala Soundworks family, Kyle Denis.

Kyle joins the team as another true rock star with thirteen years of music experience, and is the bass player for Bird Dog Jubilee out of Atlanta.

After graduating from Georgia Tech and ATDC's customer discovery program, Kyle started his career supporting Coca-Cola's global marketing team by coordinating their digital assets. Then he used his analysis skills to validate the migration of all highly secure sales data to Coke's first cloud data lake.

Next, Kyle enabled NCR to run their financial services in some of the largest sporting arenas in the world through Touchpeak Software, a middleware startup. After Shiji Group acquired Touchpeak, Kyle began assisting Shiji Financial Services in their effort to dominate the POS software sector by providing solutions to global hotels groups.

Kyle joins the team as a true utility player. He will assist on various projects, including: translating the technical information from our development team into digestible highlights for presentations and showcases, process optimization, technical writing, QA, and customer support. We are thrilled to have his energy and expertise on the team.

You can find more on Kyle and his band, Bird Dog Jubilee, within the links below:

December 16, 2018

(Announcement from Mandala Soundworks Founder, Tanner Leggett):

I am thrilled to announce the new addition of two extremely talented members of the Mandala Soundworks family, Danny Arango and Stephen Schwahn.

Danny joins the company with a lifetime of music experience, and is a true rock star as he has spent years touring the country with his former band.  He attended New York University and received BFA in Recorded Music and B.A. in History as well as a Minor in Creative Writing.  He held apprenticeship at Sommatone Amplification, where he learned his craft as an Amplifier/Guitar Pedal technician and then perfected his skills as a Luthier (one who works on stringed instruments) at Baxendale Guitars.

Danny joins us as a Software Engineer that will work on various projects and initiatives as the company continues to grow.  Danny's motivation and work ethic/speed is hard to match, and we are very excited to have him as a team member. 

More info on Danny can be found here:

Stephen joins the company with an impressive resume of launching several start-ups and has a vast portfolio of app building experience.  He also has a wealth of musical knowledge as he was in the marching band at GA Tech where he graduated with a degree in Computer Science.  Stephen is armed with CTO, Co-Founder, Software Engineering, Project Management, and App Building experience just to name a few high points.  He has a natural gift of thriving in a start-up environment and has a great understanding of releasing new products and engaging in customer discovery. 

Stephen joins us as a Tech Advisor and Director of Product, and will work closely with CTO/Co-Founder, Steve Kenney, and I to help manage various projects and bring new programs and initiatives to the market. 

I have known Stephen personally for over two years in an intense start-up environment, and can honestly say that he works at lightning speed and is one of the smartest guys I know.  We are extremely excited to have him as a teammate.

You can read more about Stephen and his success with one of his current companies, Plutonium Apps, here:

October 1, 2017

Mandala Soundworks makes some noise at the end of Summer 2017 with an investor presentation at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA.
(see video below)

Upon completion on the GA Tech Create-X incubator program, Mandala was invited to join the southeast’s most prestigious start-up incubator, The Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC).  The ATDC has developed a global reputation for fostering technological entrepreneurship.  Forbes named ATDC to its list of “Incubators Changing the World” in 2010 and 2013, alongside Y Combinator and the Palo Alto Research Center.

Mandala Soundworks is thrilled to take its next step as a company this fall by joining the other ATDC portfolio companies.  Stay tuned (pun intended) for more updates as they settle in for the winter and prepare for the official launch of their reChord software program.