"ReChord will help document creative musical impromptu jam sessions that will allow a musician the opportunity
to turn otherwise lost music into songs."



There is currently no solution for the modern day guitar player to play their instrument whilst simultaneously recording a written version of the tablature in real time as the musician is playing
the guitar.

How it’s done today:

A musician must play their guitar and ‘jam’ until they find a desired segment of their playing that they wish to turn into a song or add to a portion of an existing song. Without the tablature being written as they are playing, they must write the music after the fact based on memory and/or replaying the ‘jam’ in slower segments to transcribe the tablature as the previous music is being repeated. This program would allow the player to record tablature from every ‘jam’ session, and save or delete the tabbed music they create each time they play the instrument. This allows for the first version of any jam session to be recorded/written as it is played – which is often the best way the music is played (as it is hard to recreate the natural feel of an impromptu ‘jam’ session).